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Welcome to Snip!

What is Snip?
Sniping is, generally speaking, placing bid in on-line auction in the closing seconds. Of course, if you have superb Internet connection, exact watch, nerves of steel and the free time excess, you can do it manually.

Snip is an on-line auction sniper, it automates the last second bidding process and frees you from the trouble of remembering the ending time of each auction you want to bid on. Snip works on eBay (that is on all eBays worldwide) and on Allegro (local Polish, Czech and Ukrainian auction site).

Why using Snip?
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  • Are you tired of losing auctions because of being outbid when you had no chance to rebid?
  • Do you have time to watch every single auction's end - no matter whether it's lunch time or the middle of the night? Have you ever forgotten to bid while reading e-mails, watching TV or going out with your friends? And then, the next morning you realised what a great bargain you've just missed...
  • Have you ever lost control over your expense-plans, gone for so-called bidding war, and eventually - overpaid?
  • Do you need to hide your interest from your competitors or unfair sellers?
We guessed your answers and that's why you'll love Snip. Because with Snip you can win auctions while you're not even on-line, not even having your computer switched on!

How does it work?
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Bids placed with Snip are exactly the same as if they were placed by hand. Exactly the same. Snip is not a "hack" to the auction site. It obeys all and all auction service's rules. What is different, is that the whole process is fully automated, so you don't have to do anything.

It means that bids placed with Snip are treated by auction service in the same way as all other bids. To avoid disappointment and unneeded expense, you have to learn and understand, how bidding works on particular auction site (eBay or Allegro).

First of all, note: when placing your bid, Snip puts your maximum offer. It is the auction service that keeps your offer as low as possible! So, watch out for multiple item (dutch) auctions, as the "bid increments" rule doesn't apply there!

How much does it cost?
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Snip is free to try. As a new user you will get free 5 hits (hit is a successful bid only, i.e: if your price happens to be too low, this won't count). At no obligation. Then, for every successful bid, a small fee ($0.19 USD / 0.15 EUR) will be charged.

The Affiliate Program lets you collect additional free hits. Just tell your friends about Snip.

English language support
As you might have already noticed, Snip's main language is Polish. Wishing to let you use Snip comfortably, we translated the Snip interface and help system into English. English interface is located at Every time you want to change your interface to English, please use URL mentioned above or click the British Flag icon located at the bottom of each page.

What to do now?
First: join us - simply proceed to registration.
Second: go eBay or Allegro and find some meat!
Be warned: Sniping is highly addictive. It's proven.

Thank you for your attention!
Please note. Translation of the Snip was created for those of you who are still working on their Polish :-). If you find any mistakes - please let us know and forgive us. After all, we are still working on our English.

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