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Snip Service Regulations

    Note: This is a translation of the original Regulations which are in Polish. In all matters, the Polish version is the ultimate and final authority.

  1. Summary: Use Snip as much as you like but be prudent and fair. Respect other users of the Net.
  1. Service is defined in this Regulations of the Snip Service (Regulations) as the Web pages at and all features, tools and functions this service provides.
  2. Use of Service constitutes acceptance of these Regulations and agreement to obey the rules therein.
  3. Use of the Service is available to individuals who have a valid e-mail address and can access e-mail that may be sent to them.
  4. An individual becomes a User upon completion of the registration process.
  5. Service owns Users' accounts.
  6. Each person can have only one account in the Service.
  7. Service Staff reserves the right to reject a registration or to suspend a User's account. Among the reasons thas a User's account may be suspended is violation of these Regulations. Suspension of an account disables further use of the Service by the account holder.
  8. Each User is responsible for that user's account in Service and any and all actions taken using the account. No User should share account identification data (user name and password) with anyone else. If the secrecy of account identification information is compromised, the User should contact Service Staff as soon as possible.
  9. Service takes no responsibility for the actions of its Users'.
  10. Service does not place bids for Users. The Service merely provides tools to enable the User to bid at a specified time.
  11. The use of these tools is subject to any and all conditions established by the appropriate auction service.
  12. Service takes no responsibility for unsuccessful Users' bids.
  13. Successful bids placed after July 10. 2004 00:00:00 CEST are subject to fees as announced here. Fee amounts are described in the "Fees" section of the help. All other services provided by Snip are free of charge.
  14. These Regulations are subject to change at any time. Changes are valid at the moment of introduction. Each User will be notified of such changes and must accept them. Refusal to do so will result in the immediate cancellation of the User account.
  15. Service Staff reserves the right to final interpretation of these Regulations.
  16. These Regulations are available at
Last changed: June 29, 2004

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