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  • What is the Snip It! button?
      The Snip It! button makes the Snip service easier to use and allows you to and schedule shots easier and faster! It is installed as a Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera, or Apple's Safari browser extension so that it appears as a button on the toolbar, beside the Back, Print and other buttons. It can also be used as an element of the "Links" tab of any JavaScript-aware browser which that allows users to have editable "Links" tabs.

  • How does the button work?
    • While browsing items on eBay or Allegro, the Snip It! button allows you to choose an item and automatically schedule a shot.
    • While browsing other pages on eBay or Allegro, the Snip It! button brings you to your scheduled shots list at Snip.
    • While browsing other sites, the Snip It! button brings you to your account at Snip.

  • Do you use other browser? Or simply prefer to install the Snip It! button on the "Links" tab? Then here is the link for you!

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