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What is Snip?

Snip is an online auction sniper. It allows you watch any auction on eBay and Allegro and automatically place your bid in the closing seconds of the auction. All you have to do is tell Snip where and when, and it will take care of the rest.

Snip is created by Piotr Korba Tomczyk.
He is known as korbs at Allegro and as korba! at eBay.

  • English translation of the Snip was done by Ewa Witkowska (Kobyłka) (known as kalarepa1 at Allegro) and Korba.
    English translation was reviewed, corrected and improved by Tony Jenkins.

  • German translation of the Snip was done by Adam a2t Tomczyk with priceless advice from Jan Opgenoorth.

Snip is operated by:
Chaos Brothers Piotr Tomczyk
Woronicza 31/102, 02-640 Warsaw, Poland

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